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Best Feminine Products!
So I have been using these pads and tampons for about 6-7 months now, and I wish I had these ever since I started ages ago. This is the only brand that doesn't irritate my skin, absorbs everything, and make me feel like I am not wearing anything. I am so glad that I switched. My favorite thing about this brand is that you can have it shipped to your house monthly, or whenever you need it to for a good price. I feel like I never run out and don't have to worry about driving to the store and hoping it's available.
Hi my name is Carly, I'm 23 years old and I suffer from pcos. I don't get normal periods but when I do they are pretty bad. Sorry for the TMI. Anyways, for 10 years I have been looking for pads that don't smell or make my down there area irritated sorry again for the TMI and pads that are long enough and I have never in my life found pads that are long enough for me due to I am a big girl. Today I discovered your extra long overnight pads. And I literally want to cry how overjoyed I am by how long they are, the extra room, being organic. Thank you all so much for making my issues go out the window. I'm truly amazed by your products and I love them so so so much. Thank you so much. Carly 💛💛💛
Best Product on the Market
I was so excited to find a brand that is not only healthier becuase of being organic and no chemicals but also that does 1 for 1 and supports women in other ways as well. I always love being able to buy from ethical companies using their platform to make positive change in the world. It's also great that the product is a high quality product. I have tried competitors that also do the 1 for 1 and are organic and there is no comparison. L. came out on top. Excellent product!"
Sugga P.
I asked and you delivered!!
Thank you for making better pads and tampons for women!! every since I went organic I will NEVER GO BACK!!! my body just feels better and my vagina never gets irritated the pads are great at holding everything in and are very comfortable. As a plus size woman I just want to say thank you for making maxi pads too they are the perfect length and now I know I won't ever leak again!! Thank you sooo sooo soo much!! and they aren't bulky like other brands. I could never thank you enough.
Amazing and cost friendly
I had heard about organic pads and tampons. I was confused as to how the other pads and tampons weren't organic when all it requires is some cotton. However after many years of wearing pads, I started to notice that every time I wore one, it made me itchy. I've never had any skin irritations from things, but every month, the moment I used an Always pad, I felt like my skin in that region was irritated. I finally made the switch and NEVER experience any discomfort. The only reason I didn't switch sooner is because every organic feminine product was even more upcharged that the non-organic ones. These are so cost friendly and are comparable to any others I've bought. I will never go back to what I used before."
These pads are great!
I really like the fact that these pads are just cotton and they do not irritate my skin at all. I also like the fact that this company is cruelty free!
Your lady bits will thank you
You always hear how organic is better and the latest thing that I've had pop up in all my social media is about pads and tampons that don't pump your body with chemicals. Let's be honest, the chemicals used in pads is equivalent to it being a cigarette for your hoo-haa! I picked these up to try and let me tell ya, I'm never going back. They are absorbent. They don't release an odor. They don't chafe your legs. It's like it's not there. Only thing I would ask for is if they were a bit longer. Now, I'm going to convert every pad/tampon wearing friend to switch. My lady bits thank L for the great product at a great price!
Jessica R.
I can't say how much I love the regular and super tampons enough. After having two kids my periods have not been the same. Finally found tampons that don't leak!!!!!!! The pads are just as amazing. I got them after having my second son since a lot of the other pads kept my skin irritated. These worked like a charm. No irritation at all. I can't recommend these products enough.