Introducing female-friendly products.
L. condoms use silky smooth lubricant that is glycerin-free and paraben-free. Our lubricant formula is designed to be female-friendly, moisture-rich and emulate the body’s own natural lubrication. You won’t find any Benzocaine or Nonoxynol-9 in L. condoms either. At L., we use only high-grade ingredients without potentially harmful additives.
High Grade Natural Latex
Quality products start with quality raw materials. L. condoms are made with sustainably tapped high grade natural latex: providing advanced durability and comfort, barrier protection and elasticity. All of out condoms are uniquely formulated of purified low scent latex, which is extremely low in proteins. All L. condoms are formulated to optimize protection while being Vegan-friendly.
Triple Testing all products
Our manufacturing has strict quality control and engineering systems in place. We’ve consulted with leading engineers to develop rigorous methodology to ensure that every product is designed and produced to meet and exceed national and international standards (as well as meeting with more stringent L. quality standards). L. provides pressure and failure testing in design and production of every product. Product is triple tested before packaging. With a holistic approach to quality as well as management and team, L. condoms offer the best in quality assurance.
Design Matters
Core to our mission is to create products that people want. We re-thought condom package design - from the materials of the packaging to the shape itself - providing a sleek and sexy package that aligns with the modern consumer lifestyle. L. packages are thin and compact enough to carry with you and reseal if you desire.
Packaging with
a Past and Future
L. condoms come in 100% recycled paper packaging printed with vegetable inks. Our packaging reflects our passion for the aesthetic as well as our goal of minimizing materials while maximizing functionality. No cellophane or plastic is used in packaging. Directions for Use are printed on the inner walls of the box to save paper. Our modern minimalist black and white design allows us to save on ink wastage and makes the end product easier to recycle. L. recycles all unused and excess rubber latex that is created in the manufacturing process. This natural rubber latex is sent to facilities that then re-use the material to make other rubber products, such as flip flops. Natural rubber latex products are eventually biodegradable.
Our manufacturing facility is strategically located among rubber tree farms in Southeast Asia. A significant component of L.’s carbon footprint results from shipping our products to our customers in the US, which is why L. is taking active steps in exploring shipment capabilities that incorporate the use of alternative fuels as well as other efficiency improvements in delivering product that is as environmentally friendly as possible at every stage.
Using the latest technology
for the greenest results
For too long being green has been associated with sacrifice. At L. we believe it’s good to use highly technical materials and products of human ingenuity as long as they are designed to be compatible with the environment. By employing the latest in condom technology, we are able to not only provide you with extremely thin and durable advanced natural latex, we are able to do so while maintaining our goals of energy reduction. From testing the reduction of protein levels and omitting lactic casein in our latex, to creating lubricant formulas that maximize pleasure while being moisture-rich and female-friendly, we are constantly exploring methods of creating better condoms.