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Forbes: Sex, Lipstick, and Chocolate: Support Causes You Believe in This Valentine’s Day

By: Geri Stengel

This Valentine’s day when you’re hinting about the present you want, why not support a women-owned business and social good by having sex, wearing lipstick, and eating chocolate.

Indulge yourself and your lover, the right way.

Have safe sex, using a condom with a conscience. Better sex for a better world: Now there’s a Valentine’s Day sentiment we can all support. The more you indulge, the better the world seems … and actually is, thanks to “Love Begins With L.”, a socially responsible condom that matches its competitors in sensual options but adds green packaging, sustainable manufacturing and, most importantly, social action to stop AIDS. For every condom sold, one is distributed at no charge to women in Africa who would otherwise not be able to protect themselves from AIDS, unwanted pregnancy, and STDs.

As founder Talia Frenkel says, “In these [East Africa], women often sell sex for less than the market price of a single condom and the majority of girls have their first pregnancy in their teen years. The HIV prevalence rate is as much as three times higher than the rest of the country – and rising.”

This year, L. will launch an outreach program in East Africa that will give women the chance to earn an income while making contraception available in their communities.

Now, about that lipstick. Peacekeeper Cause-Metics gives all of its after-tax, distributable profits to women’s health advocacy and human rights issues.The ideals it supports are slavery-free labor, fair wages, and no animal testing, vegan products. Be beautiful, inside and out.

Chocolate. Always. I can’t resist chocolate but I really like Sweet Riot, a woman-owned business dedicated to fair trade,  fair treatment of employees, and supporting the work of nonprofits. As to the product — to die for! And packaged in such a way  that you don’t have to break any New Year’s resolutions to indulge.

So ask for something that makes you feel good all over.

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February 11, 2012 by admin
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