What forms of payment does L. accept?

L. accepts PayPal and major credit cards including, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. PayPal for subscriptions is coming soon. Just to note, we only accept one form of payment per order.

Did my order go through?

After your order is submitted, you’ll be directed to a confirmation page. An email confirmation will come through just after your order is processed.

How can I track my package?

After your package is shipped, we’ll send you an email with your tracking number within 24-48 hours after you’ve placed your order.

What is your exchange/return policy?

L. does not accept exchanges and returns for any opened or used product. And returns are only accepted for unopened boxes of unused product. If you have an issue with your product, give us a shout at or 1 (888) 574-9646.

How much is shipping?

Standard shipping for products $7.95 and over is always free. Expedited shipping is $6.95.

For products under $7.95, there is a $2.00 shipping fee. There is a $2.95 shipping fee for a free trial.

Where do you ship?

We currently only ship to the U.S.

How do you ship?

We use DHL and USPS.

When will I receive my subscription?

Condom subscriptions are delivered as a bundle every 3 months. Tampons, pads and liners are delivered every month.

When is my credit card charged?

The day your order is processed.

Can I order tampons, pads and liners without a subscription?

We only offer tampon, pad and liner subscriptions on Less trips to the store, and you stay covered in those “CODE RED, I didn’t see that coming” moments.

How can I change my subscription?

Sign in your account at to change quantity, choose different products, or skip a delivery.

How can I cancel my subscription?

We’d be sad to see you go, but if you must, you can call us at 1 (888) 574-9646, Monday through Friday, 9AM - 5PM PST.




How much do regular tampons absorb? 


How much do super tampons absorb? 


How often should I change my tampon? 

Every 4-8 hours

Do your pads feel thick, like a diaper?

Nope! We made sure they are ultra thin and absorbent.

Why do I use more tampons when they are made with organic cotton vs. conventional tampons?

Organic cotton tampons are free of harmful ingredients and chemicals that increase absorbency, so you might notice that you change your tampon more frequently.

How do I use the compact applicator?

The compact applicator is made of two tubes, with the tampon inside. Extend the inner tube until you feel it come to a stop. It won’t click, like other tampons you may have used. To insert the tampon, just push the inner tube until it meets the end of the outer tube.

What are the risks of TSS with these tampons?

Using tampons comes with the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. This is why L. tampons are free from ingredients and chemicals that are associated with a higher risk of TSS. Make sure to change your tampon every 4-8 hours to reduce your risk.

What is your packaging made of?

Environmentally-friendly plastic (PET) that is recyclable. PET is globally recognized as safe & non-toxic.

Is the packaging made of recycled materials?

No, but they are recyclable.

Where are they made?

Pads and liners are made in Italy. Tampons are made in Slovenia.

Is there BPA in the plastic tampon applicators? Or packaging?

No, they are both BPA-free.


How are L. brand condoms manufactured?

L. condoms are manufactured according to FDA standards, ensuring that quality and safety are of the utmost concerns. A quality control team monitors every step of the manufacturing process and only the condoms that successfully pass the electronic testing are then sealed and package for our customers!

How do I use a condom?

For Directions for Use and other Important Information, look inside your box of L. condoms.

How effective are condoms?

Clinical trials have shown that if used correctly and consistently, latex condoms result in contraceptive efficacy rates of 95-98%.

Plus, other clinical studies confirm that high quality latex condoms - when used correctly and consistently - are a very effective barrier to the transmission of HIV, other sexually transmitted infections and also unplanned pregnancies.

What percentage of condoms are broken during use?

Research in the USA confirms low rates of slippage and breakage - both in the range of 0.4% to 2.3%.

Are condoms reusable?

No, condoms are never reusable.

I have some condoms that have expired according to the package. Can I use them?

No, do not use condoms that have expired according to the package.

Is it okay to store condoms in my wallet?

To prevent damage to your condoms, they should not be stored in your wallet. Unused condoms should be stored in their packs, in a cool dry place.

Can condoms be used with massage oil, baby oil, petroleum jelly, etc.?

No, condoms can be destroyed by such oils. 

Health and L.


What is an STI?

STI or Sexually Transmitted Illnesses are diseases that are passed on through body fluids such as semen, vaginal fluids, and blood during vaginal, anal or oral sex. Latex condoms act as a barrier to prevent these fluids from being exchanged.

Why should I use a condom?

Condoms are to protect yourself and your health. Aside from abstinence, using  latex condoms is the best protection against the HIV virus and other STIs.

Am I at risk for STIs?

Bottom line, you are at risk if you are sexually active. Even for those in a long-term, monogamous relationship are at risk for STIs. It’s important to keep in mind  that when you have sex with someone, you are exposed to those they have had sex with before you.

What can I do to protect myself from STDs?

The only way to be 100% safe from STIs and HIV/AIDS is to avoid all sexual activities. If you are going to have sex, the correct and consistent use of latex condoms can help protect you from many STIs including HIV/AIDS. Your partner may have an STI and not even know it. Using condoms is the best way to stay protected.



How can I donate to the cause?

Buy L.products!

How can I be an intern?

We’d love to hear about your interest and experience! Send over your resume to

Does L. have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do! You can learn more about it here.

Can I refer my friends & family?

Yes, definitely. Your friends & family get 15% off their first order, and you get 25% off your next order. Access your referral link here and share the love!



L. was founded by Talia Frenkel, a photojournalist who worked for the Red Cross and United Nations. After documenting humanitarian crisis around the world, her coverage of women's lack of access to reproductive rights and the effects of HIV/AIDS on young girls inspired her into action.

For every product purchased, one is donated to a woman in need in a developing country. Learn more about our movement here.