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Our Movement


Our Purpose

Our Purpose

L. is dedicated to the rebellious notion that people with periods everywhere deserve better. No ingredients you can't pronounce. No exhausted cliches. Just the quality you expect and the authenticity you deserve. The pillars below guide us in every aspect of what we do, from creating beautiful, high quality products to partnering with businesses and organizations that align with our purpose. L. implements a model of solidarity, prioritizing collaboration and partnership. We design our products for ourselves and you because better products create more demand. And more demand creates more opportunity for change.


We believe that personal care products should leave you happy and healthy, with karma on your side. L. strives to bring accountability to the personal care aisle, sourcing certified organic cotton for our tampons. Natural products for a natural process! Beyond that, we are committed to increasing access to personal care products that dramatically impact the lives of people with periods around the world. That’s why for every L. product sold, one period product is made accessible to someone who needs it.

As Gloria Steinem and others have said, “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” So here’s the truth: In the US, 22 million women live in poverty (US Census Bureau), which often results in limited access to period products (UNICEF). A review of studies spanning girls’ experiences in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Zimbabwe and Kenya showed that 50% of girls do not have adequate access to period products and education (Oxford). And in Ethiopia, a study showed that 56% of girls report missing school because of inadequate access to period products (BMC). Sadly the barriers to access affecting people with periods who do not identify as women are scant, but we know those barriers are very real. At L., we believe that periods should only end sentences. Not education and opportunity.


Shame has no place in your game. It's the 21st century and we're long overdue with ditching the taboos tied to menstruation health and well-being. Gone are the days of perpetuating insecurities in the personal care aisle.

Our products are designed to be both beautiful and functional; we encourage you not to hide them! We believe your go-to products should reflect who you are; beautiful, smart and natural. No compromises. No shame. Now or ever.

At L., we believe education is essential to removing the stigma surrounding period and sexual health that prevents us all from being real with one another. That’s why we support educational programs about period and sexual health to help de-stigmatize the natural processes of our shared human experience. We all benefit when we stop shaming our bodies.


Our goal is to make beautifully designed, high-quality organic products for all. We continuously revisit and optimize our product development so we can make organic as accessible as possible. We strive to bridge the gap between organic products and organic prices, happily breaking down barriers and bringing people with periods the quality they deserve in products used thousands of times over the course of their lives (yep, thousands).

For those who lack access entirely, we stand in solidarity, supporting programs that make these products available through sustainable distribution channels. Increasing access is the common thread between all of our partner programs; from sending period products to homeless shelters in Indianapolis, to supplying sewing machines to a health clinic in Nigeria, and funding industrial production units in Nepal to create reusable pads for students.


From how we source, design, and distribute, to how we give, we think deeply about everything we do. It’s our job to deliver you thoughtfully-made products, and we take that responsibility to heart.

That’s why L. is a Certified B Corp. B Corp certifications are given to companies that are better for workers, better for communities, and better for the environment. We take regular impact assessments and are constantly striving to identify ways we can do better. For our products, that can mean sourcing certified organic ingredients, BPA-free plastic, and recycled paper. It can also mean taking steps to reduce waste, like our Bottles Made Beautiful initiative, which re-purposes recycled plastic bottles for our tampon packaging. L. is proud to be part of the B Corp vision: to create a new sector of the economy that utilizes business to create sustainable change.

When we give, we strive to take a holistic and collaborative approach. For example, we support skills-training programs and community-led businesses in the distribution of products. We are always working to build a better business, because at L., good business means great social returns for all.


We also work to remain thoughtful and inclusive with our messaging in the ever-evolving conversations surrounding our bodies. Our products are for every-body. When L. was founded, we shared that we were “by women for women” because we desired to see ourselves represented in the products we purchase. Over time, we’ve humbly learned to fill a new gap. In truth, L. products are created for all. We are proud of our roots as a company founded by women, but are mindful of the many different types of people that make up the L. community. We are excited for our products to continue to evolve in their reflection of our expanding awareness.

As we grow and learn together, we look forward to engaging the L. community in order to understand all perspectives, especially those different from our own. All stories welcome. Reach out to us at to start a conversation. We’d love to talk to you!

Our Story

Our Story


L. started with one woman wanting to help build a world more equitable for all women. Talia Frenkel, a photojournalist who worked for the Red Cross and United Nations, founded L. after documenting humanitarian crises around the world. Her coverage of the widespread neglect human rights and the effects of HIV/AIDS propelled her to take action. Today, L.’s solidarity model has helped increase access to period care products in 25 countries around the world including the US, India, Kenya, and Nepal. Every time L. is purchased, our impact grows. For every pack of L. you buy, we make one period care product accessible to someone around the world who needs it.

Our Model

Our Model


From the beginning, L. has been dedicated to creating a more equitable world through its solidarity model. L.’s model is rooted in sustainable income-generation and long-term distribution channels. For example, by supporting grassroots, community-led enterprises with pad-manufacturing machines, our goal is to ensure that people everywhere learn new skills and have opportunities for entrepreneurship. Supplying machines, as opposed to the products alone, helps communities maintain access to period products for years to come.

L. also makes in-kind donations. To learn more about machine and in-kind donations, contact us!

Our Partners

L. gives all over the world! From local partners in the U.S. to international organizations in Guatemala, Kenya and Cambodia, we are open to collaborations that span the globe.

Our Partners


The values below shape our decisions about when and where to build partnerships. It’s important to us that our partners are (1) increasing access to basic personal care products and (2) working to affect change in the following areas.

Sustainable income generation & entrepreneurship
Education and the elimination of stigma around women’s health
High impact communities: areas where there is little to no access to basic personal care products

Our Reach

At L., good business means great
social returns.

Today, L.'s solidarity model helps increase access to period care products around the world. For every L. purchase, one period care item is made accessible to someone around the world who needs it. Join us.