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Curious about L.? Good. Curiosity is a mark of intelligence. Read what our genius customers say about us, and once you’re convinced, try it for yourself, free.


"Full protection is in place here with these condoms, which is clearly 'where the rubber meets the road' when it comes to condoms."
-Spencer from Seattle  

- Bridgit Doherty

"Great fit! Feels like nothing at all."
-Andrew W. Mathewson

" This is a great pack of condoms for a great cause. The one for one mission they have is an amazing outreach, and I'm glad to support it from here on out. Not only are these high-quality condoms triple-tested and cruelty-free, the company also gives condoms to women in impoverished areas where the AIDS epidemic is high. More companies should give back to the world like L does. I tried the ultra thin, they were very pleasurable and easy to apply."
- Sam Adams
"They are probably the best lubricated condoms being sold. In fact when I removed the first one from the sealed pack, it dripped lubricant.”
- Elizabeth

"Feels incredibly thin with no odor!"
- Pegah Moussavi

"I have used all kinds of brands of condoms out there including Skyn, Durex, Lamb Skin, Sagami, OFC, and Trojans.  And out of all of them, L CONDOMS seem to be the best!
- Steve McDaniel

"My husband actually really likes these and I've found that they don't irritate my skin like others normally do. We just switched from oral contraceptives to these, and after several uses we are still very pleased!"
- ajmcfall
"There is something about these condoms that puts them ahead of the rest. A lot of times, I find myself kind of having a burning sensation after using condoms, but these I luckily did not have that problem! Which is rare to find for me, so if you're sensitive like I am I would give these a try! Also, what I LOVE that the L. Condoms brand does is for every condom purchased, they give one to a developing country! Way to go guys! I recommend these!
- Laura Johnson

"I would give them five stars!"
- Lila Greenfield

"We are always looking for the best ultra thin condoms that offer protection but so sheer it feels like nothing is there. YUP we just found them. If you are looking for the perfect condom in every way, this is it."
- Antoinette

"When these condoms arrived, I was immediately impressed with the packaging. If you accidentally left them out, no one would think that there's a box of condoms sitting there. They're GREEN; made of recycled materials. I really like the amount of lubrication on these. It's not too much. He said he could barely feel that he was wearing a condom. I felt the same way."
 - Linda Boyd

"Unlike most other condoms, L.’s ultra-thin condoms are true to their word when they say moisture-rich lubricant. To be frank, I actually was extremely surprised about the amount of lube that came from the pack when I opened it. I was also shocked about the quality of the lube. The condom itself was a great quality and
extremely flexible. We found the ultra-thin condoms to be exactly that, ultra-thin. In fact, it was so thin that my husband said it barely felt like he was wearing one at all. Overall we really loved this condoms and plan on sticking to purchasing these in the future.
- Al O.

"I've recently started using these over the every day store bought brand, and I tell you... what a difference! I was turned on immediately by the packaging. I saw the capital "L" on the foil and just assumed it stood for "LARGE". Matter of fact, upon purchasing them, and using them, I discovered that they actually DO make my guy feel a little larger. They are the most well made, non-intrusive and next to bare condoms that I have ever used. Best of all, my guy actually doesn't mind wearing them!"
- Lisa Valentine

"These are a great set of condoms and I really liked the quality and the feel of the product. It heightens the pleasure as there are ribs on it which gives a good stimulation. It is lubricated well so it does not cause any dryness. I really liked the social responsibility this brand follows by donating one to a developing country on each one sold. It's a great idea and very much needed in the society. So buying from them will make me happier that someone else is being helped as well.
- Shopoholic

"The condoms are very thin - but durable. We have never had an issue with one tearing or breaking during use. Easy to remove, tie and toss. I have had no
negative skin reactions from the condom or the lube. If you are in the market for a new favorite condom - I would definitely recommend L. condoms."
- Nicole Desrosiers

"I love these condoms. They come in a plain black package with white lettering so it's not obvious that they are condoms. I had these sitting on my bedside table when my teenage daughter came in and I was worried she'd notice them but she just glanced at the box and kept talking. So the discreet packaging is definitely a plus. The condoms themselves are so much better than any other condom that I've tried. First off there isn't the usual rubbery smell. They have plenty of lubricant so they're easy to put on and these fit great. They felt more like he wasn't wearing anything than others we've tried. Another great thing about L. condoms is that for every condom sold one is donated to a developing country. They are also vegan and cruelty-free. These are definitely the best condoms that I've ever used."

"These condoms are on a different level than the mainstream, store-bought condoms. This brand stands for more and that means something. The box is sleek and discreet with the logo right on the front but does not scream condoms. The condoms are thin and natural feeling and very comfortable to wear without feeling like a thing is there. The latex is not irritating like some condoms and is nice and smooth. The bit of ribbing adds extra stimulation. The lubricant on these is not sticky or greasy and lasts a long time. These condoms do not have a strong odor like a lot of condoms do which is a bonus and makes them even more enjoyable
to use." 
- Gritty1982

"These are great quality condoms. The ribbed texture gives great pleasure. I love how these have a natural feel as if there was no condom. L condoms have great lubricant. They don't have a strong odor either."
- Customer

"What a concept- condoms that are free of harmful chemicals! No spermicide, parabens, casein, or glycerin, which are known to cause infections in women, such as UTIs and yeast infections. PLUS these condoms are thinner, more transparent, and have less of a latex smell and taste then others. AND packaging is made out of recycled material and vegetable based inks. So not only are YOU getting an amazing product but for every condom purchased, L. gives one to a developing country. 
They not only want to raise funds to help make safe sex a human right, they aim to empower women both domestically and around the globe.
Wow. Wow. Wow.
- Some Sweet Girl

"I love that this company donates condoms to developing countries with every purchase. On top of that they also make awesome condoms. They do not contain glycerin or parabens and they are vegan friendly and cruelty free. They have no strange odor like some other brands and the lubricant wasn't sticky or weird. We tried the ribbed version and have no complaints."
- D. Harler

"I really like these; I usually don't like ribbed condoms but my boyfriend bought me these to try out and it's all we've used ever since!"
- Arielle Storm

These condoms really are great. I used them with my boyfriend and even with my toys. Condoms are never really the most awesome feeling in the world but this will be the pretty good. The condoms are not super greasy but have enough lubrication on them to get things going. They don't have a super strong smell either. This condom is easy to open and the packaging is cute. What's the best thing about them? They are for a good cause which will feel good on anyone.
- Vanessa Crespo

My husband has always found wearing condoms difficult because most brands - even Trojan's Magnums - are too tight and end up being painful. L's condoms did not suffer from that problem, and the thin latex made it feel almost as if he was wearing nothing. An easily overlooked positive could also be the extra large reservoir at the tip, which not only helps in containing, but increases the condom's ability to fit well. The conscientious lubrication is also a plus - it's like it's not even there, except just enough to prevent the condoms from increasing unpleasant friction. There also was no strong latex or chemical scent to these condoms, which also helps with the main goal: forgetting they're there. If a condom can do its job and also let you forget it's there, it's doing a great job, and L's condoms pull that trick off neatly.
- Aprilvic

I was very excited to be able to get these condoms in exchange for my honest opinion. I loved how they all came individually wrapped so you can take one or as many as needed on the go. They are very thin so it doesn't even feel like there is a condom on. They're already lubricated & do not have any funny smell to them.
They go on very easy & fit extremely well. I also loved the box they came in, a very cute design. I def think this is a great product & would recommend to anyone.
- Melissa Gartz

"These are great quality condoms. They arrived on time and in perfect condition. They are all wrapped and sealed nicely. They fit, well they fit as expected, which is really nice! My husband and I don't use condoms much but I just switched to a different birth control and we were advised to use back up protection for a week. These really came in handy and did not cause any irritation that can happen with condoms some times! I really like these!

"These are very great condoms. They open easy and go on easy. These have a very secure fit. These feel good while in use. You can not even tell that your partner is wearing a condom which we all know is a great feeling! These are high quality latex and cause no irritation to the skin. The best part of these is that they come in a pack of 12 for a wonderful night of fun!
- Ashley Brown

"Pretty awesome condom; better than Trojan."
-Blake Valenzuela

"My girlfriend would get a skin irritation from the paraben in the condoms we were using so I searched and found these online. After trying them out we found her skin irritation were no longer occurring. I recommend these for anyone who gets skin irritations from most others."
-Erik Mayville

"It's so comfortable! My friend recommended these for me and I'm typically a cheap drug store brand kind of guy. But the difference is literally noticeable. Totally worth (at least) one try."

"My favorite part, you barely notice it's on. The reason you find yourself in the situation where you need a condom is because you want the feeling of euphoric bliss that only sweet, sweet, lovemaking can produce. If you can't feel anything, you might as well go home alone, grab a box of kleenex and turn on Cinemax. With L. this is never the case. Seriously, stop reading this review and buy 7."
- PJ

"I must say I was not disappointed. They were the thinnest condom I have used and feels great. You still know it's there, but the sensation is pretty good. Would definitely recommend, and looking forward to trying the other condoms offered by L."
- Luis P.

"I am extremely sensitive to the major brands of condoms, so I was hesitant in ordering these. Fortunately, I purchased these to review at a discount. The package came on time and was very attractively packaged. The condoms are thin which is great because both my partner and I were able to feel everything. They were perfectly lubricated as well. I didn't have to use any type of lubrication prior to use. Regarding my sensitivity; I was shocked to see that I experienced none! I have found my new favorite condom brand!"
- Maranda